Steam Punk lamps

These lamps are Steam Punk Industrial style lamps. They all use LED bulbs, some are “vintage” Edison bulbs. LED bulbs have a long life, most around 25,000 hours. They also use very little power compared to standard incandescent bulbs. The “Vintage” bulbs look nice and produce a yellow caste to the surroundings. They are for indoor use only.

Many of the lamps have rotary dimmers, LEDs can be very BRIGHT. The rotary dimmers are tricky, the light needs to be turned on all the way, and then can be dimmed. Some also push in for on/off.

The “Bot” lights have sensor switches, they turn on when motion is sensed. It’s kind of creepy, but “They know when you’re there”. Like HAL from 2001, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

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Some of these lamps are now available at Walnut Creek in Old Town, Fort Collins, Colorado.

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