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This site covers NBN Guitars of Longmont, Colorado. It existed from the late 60s into the mid 70s. It was an early "boutique" lutherie:
NBN Guitars
This page contains some of NBN's more notable stories. The guitar James Taylor got is the same model I have and play in three of the songs on the Home page:

This link goes to my long time friend Bob Moore. I did the site and he built "Skippy" my little mahogany guitar also featured on the Home page:
NBN Guitars

This link goes to another local lutherie, Michael makes very fine guitars:
NBN Guitars

I serve on the Board of Directors and do the web site for this organization. It exists to preserve and promote Hawaiian steel guitar music"."
Hawaiian Steel Guitar Association

These are friends and former web clients:
Jalan Crossland
Darryl Purpose

This is a local music promoter and friend, I also did this site:
Quantum Arts

This is some one I met through the HSGA, a very talented musician and music historian:
Christo Ruppenthal