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Graphic Design

  • Jalan Crossland artwork Jalan Crossland artwork
  • Flexigrass logo Flexigrass logo
  • Eye Center of Northern Colorado Eye Center of Northern Colorado
  • Eye Center ad Eye Center ad
  • Venue poster for Chuck Pyle Venue poster for Chuck Pyle

Print and Web Design
Carefully thought through composition and feel, appropriate to task, design involves a number of things. I brings together several elements to convey your image and products or services, in an effective way to visually appeal to the public.

This encompasses just about anything with a message in the “real” world (tangible). Published/printed media, design & set-up for other processes, i.e. silk-screen, signs, created or adapted to fit the specifications of the particular project. This includes the technical set-up or electronic pre-press necessary for the task.

Design suggests much more than just creating pages. A site is “built”, it has a “feel”, it uses the content and construction to convey your message in a way that visitors won’t find confusing. It needs to be properly optimized to load quickly and function smoothly. It has to work on a wide variety of displays, this is “responsive design”.