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Graphic design, web design, advertisements, logos, brochures, promotional materials, catalogs, books, e-books and electronic pre-press are among those things I offer my clients.
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An integral part of communication today involves the internet. Many things are involved in having an effective web site. Graphic design gives it a face, but content, construction (both graphics and code) and listing are required to really put it to work. It brings the world to your doorstep if done properly and effectively.

There are wonderful, affordable software programs on the market, some very user friendly. But software doesn't make someone a graphic designer any more than buying an expensive piano makes a person a concert pianist. Graphic design makes a coherent message from the integration of graphic and text elements in an attractive and well thought out piece. It's about how the viewer sees and understands the piece in front of them. It's how you project your image to the public, get your message across and connect with your viewers.


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