Graphics for print or web. Mobile Friendly sites and maintenance

Conceptualization and Implementation


Conventional print. Ads, books, packaging, POS collateral


Design, implementation and maintenance, Email campaigns


Other endeavors, photography, music

Graphic Design

Carefully thought through composition and feel, appropriate to task, design involves a number of things. It brings together several elements to convey your image and products or services, in an effective way to visually appeal to the public.

This encompasses just about anything with a message in the “real” world (tangible). Published/printed media, design & set-up for other processes, i.e. silk-screen, signs, created or adapted to fit the specifications of the particular project. This includes the technical set-up or electronic pre-press necessary for the task.

Design suggests much more than just creating pages. A site is “built”, it has a “feel”, it uses the content and construction to convey your message in a way that visitors won’t find confusing. It needs to be properly optimized to load quickly and function smoothly. It has to work on a wide variety of displays, this is “responsive design”.

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